Moved to Colorado for Cannabis

Moved to Colorado for Cannabis

My son's seizures started the day he received his first DPT vaccine, that was 22 years and thousands of seizures ago. We have tried almost every medication for epilepsy. After a week-long cluster of seizures and constant jerks in August of 2013 we decided to move from Ohio to Colorado to try Charlotte's Web.

Tommy's seizures have reduced in intensity and duration. Before Charlotte's Web his seizures would last from 5 to 10 minutes, he is now down to less than 2 minutes. Tommy is down to a third of the medications he was on when we first arrived in Colorado and we hope to one day have him off all of them completely. I am a retired Army First Sergeant who never thought that I would have to move my family across this country to try a medication because it was not legal in my home state.

Tommy’s story

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