Tough Journey to Health

Tough Journey to Health

I am a 32-year-old nurse and I have always managed to work since age 15 even on my worst nights when the seizures happen most.  I have suffered from epilepsy my whole life since age 6. I have really never opened up much about my condition, I have had every test done anyone could imagine. I have seen several neurologists who prescribed harsh seizure medications. I would have several clonic tonic seizures a month a week or a day, depending on the stress in my environment. My childhood consisted of foster homes and an abusive mother and no real family. I've never met my biological family except for my mother and sister.

I saw a post on Facebook about Charlotte’s Web. I figured I would give this a try since the night before I suffered a clonic tonic seizure.  There is nothing in 26 years that has helped me. The medications the doctors prescribe have bad side effects and mood swings on top of my ruined teeth. I am looking for support and hope to encourage others. Since no doctors can help me I want to help myself and find ways to get better and feel better I ordered my CBD yesterday and I can hardly wait to start it for relief. I am a strong person and have helped so many but it's time to now take care of myself.

I want to connect with others and share my story and be an advocate for myself and others in this journey. Thanks for such great support already Realm of Caring.  For the sake of my job, I would like to remain anonymous.

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