I wasn't aware of CBD

I wasn't aware of CBD

Jazzlyn’s seizures are pretty much kept to baseline. She’ll have maybe 1 or 2 every 1 - 2 weeks except for when she gets sick. Her immune system is weak so it’s very easy for her to get sick and when she does she can have a seizure every day for however many days she’s sick with multiple seizures some days day.  Maybe increasing the dosing when she is sick will help. I usually give her clonazepam, which her neurologist recommends when this happens, and it doesn’t help but I’m working on it.

This aid really makes a difference given CBD isn’t covered by medical insurance and it’s pricey. AED's do not work for my daughter to their full potential alone, she’s currently on 4, and CBD does. It’s unfortunate that for a lot of families the difference between seizure free and not is being able to afford CBD products. Of course, the legality part of it plays a part as well depending on where you live but the financial burden is definitely impactful. I mean, for the longest I stuck to just AED's because I wasn’t aware of CBD and when I became aware, I couldn’t afford it. So thank you to the RoC!

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