Living with GI issues

Living with GI issues

I’ve been experiencing abdominal cramping and hot flashes before a bowel movement, waking up at night with hot flashes, cramps, and severe diarrhea.  My only relief would come after a bowel movement.

My GI Doctor decided to run some tests to eliminate cancer.  I immediately went home & started on cannabis oil/hash oil and ordered a high CBD oil.

After using the cannabis oil (high in THC) the next morning the cramping reduced by 80%, stools were firming up, and hot flashes reduced dramatically. On day two my symptoms were gone. I started the CBD oil around day 3 and cut back on the high THC oil until I eliminated the THC oil completely.

I’m only using CBD only now and feeling great, my system is back on track and I take 1/8 tsp twice a day.

The help & info from ROC is fantastic!

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