Parkinson's Disease symptoms are improving!

Parkinson's Disease symptoms are improving!

My health has improved all over.  I have Parkinson's Disease and my illness was very poor; ie: my limbs, feet, hands, and fingers constantly shook, along with the feeling of swelling in my throat, biting my inside cheeks and tongue to where they bleed, eye twitching, mouth opening and closing.  All of the above is remarkably improving! It's amazing! I can NOT take Parkinson's medicines, because I get horrific side effects, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for this medicine!!

Without this grant from Realm of Caring, I would be mostly bedridden. The 24/7 pain I was enduring, along with all of the above ailments are slowly subsiding.  It brings tears to my eyes as to how grateful I am, and my caregiver son is so grateful, too! For example, my son had to help me get up out of chairs, the couch, etc., but now I can do it by myself most of the time.  Although he had to help me walk from point A to point B, this is subsiding also!!!

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