CBD has improved my child's life

CBD has improved my child's life

Bradley is autistic. Health wise he is okay, as far as I know, he can't tell me. Cannabinoid therapy has helped with his violent meltdowns, eye contact, and his concentration. It has not helped with his language, still non-verbal. I would say his meltdowns have improved by 90%.

This is my theory: autistic children have lots of inflammation.  Inflammation causes pain and the pain caused his violent meltdowns. CBD reduces inflammation, which took his pain away. I kept taking Bradley to doctors saying it looks like he's in pain and all these doctors just ignored me and wanted to put him on psych meds, which I never did. I'm so happy I found CBD, it has improved my child's life.  

CBD is expensive. I'm a single mother of a severely autistic child. I am a nurse but had to quit my job because I couldn't find daycare for my child. Plus, trying to work full-time and take care of a disabled child all by yourself is extremely physically and mentally exhausting. I want the best for my child and it so hard to do that when you can't work. I am so grateful for this grant.

Bradley has violent meltdowns and as he gets older he gets stronger. If I didn't find CBD Bradley could have been seriously injured or dead from his meltdowns. I believe it has saved his life.

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