RoC’s New Initiative - Cannabis Education for Doctors

RoC’s New Initiative - Cannabis Education for Doctors

It is great to receive, yet studies show that it is as good or even better to GIVE. Why is that? People give for a multitude of reasons, but mostly we give because it makes us feel good. Giving fulfills a deep need for human connection, it creates a community and can even lift depression.

When considering a charity or cause to express your generosity too, consider cannabis education. Very few things have the potential to mollify stigma, broaden choices in healthcare, and create forward movement in a misinterpreted therapy as an accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) course.

Historically, physicians could prescribe cannabis in this country until 1942, when it was removed from the US Pharmacopeia; therefore there hasn't been formal education about cannabis as medicine for more than 75 years.

The Realm of Caring Foundation is changing that by developing a first in its class Continuing Medical Education course (CME). This CME is being thoughtfully organized to inspire healthcare professionals to the properties and benefits of this age-old plant using higher order thinking skills that are student-centered, promoting self-paced, creative engagement.

We are raising $240,000 to bring this education into practice. A big ask, we know, which can only be realized by the efforts of many.

Very few of the 25 million Americans suffering from daily pain and those seeking alternative options for diseases like cancer have access to a natural solution with scientifically proven benefits.

Think of how many more people doctors could help by offering patients more options? Maybe you have a loved one that has benefited from cannabis therapy? Perhaps the therapy could have been enhanced by the guidance of a doctor?

Giving goes so much deeper than just the act. It beams from the joy of interconnectedness. When we can provide time, money or aid for a cause that moves us, we fulfill a need to bond with the greater collective which we are all a part of.

Be the change! Invest in education today!

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