Liam's Story

Liam's Story

Since I began taking CBD oil, my complex partial seizures have been REDUCED to about half as often. I used to have them about twice a week but only about once a week since CBD. It has also reduced my auras a lot. I used to have auras almost every day but now it's down to about twice a week thanks to the CBD oil.

The grant helped me save enough money to see a chiropractor for my back pain, pay the housing bills, and feed my hungry body. I have the grant helping me afford some of the other neurologist prescribed medicine that I take with my CBD oil.

When I first decided to take CBD oil, I started out with Charlotte’s Web  "least powerful but more affordable" dosage. Unfortunately, nothing was getting better until I went all the way up to their most powerful but highest price dosage. I chose to keep paying the high price so things would be better for my health but financially got worse. Thanks to the grant, I have been able to stay healthy while overcoming my financial challenge.

Liam’s story

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