We believe CBD oil is the very best thing for her

We believe CBD oil is the very best thing for her

Johanna experienced so much improvement when she first started CBD, we weaned her 100% off of her Keppra and she is only on CBD now. This lasted for 6 months and then she started to have seizures again, an unfortunate thing about her particular diagnosis, the seizures will likely be very persistent. We reluctantly started her on a new drug, Vimpat, while giving her a very minimal dose of CBD as we transitioned. Her mellow attitude we had gotten accustomed to while she was on only CBD oil was missing during that time.

Since starting her on the Vimpat and now getting her back onto her CBD regimen we are starting to see the mellow girl we adore and her concentration and comprehension is greatly improving again. We are firm believers that the CBD oil is the very best thing for her, but her condition is so persistent that there is a need for a little something more, at least at this time. We hope we can get to a place where CBD will be all we need again.


Story provided by Johanna's family 

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Written by : Realm of Caring

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