She has gained the confidence and joy of joining peers

She has gained the confidence and joy of joining peers

Written by mom Denise

My beautiful and joyful 12-year-old daughter, Lily, is autistic. Her brain-wiring provides her with many strengths, like an extraordinarily deep level of empathy and caring for others, a "steel trap" memory, a wonderful ability to think "out-of-the-box" and an imagination and abilities that are artistic and creative, among many others. Her brain-wiring also makes her very sensitive and vulnerable to a deep level of anxiety because her brain doesn't regulate "good" brain chemicals consistently well and she is prone to inflammation.

Since Lily was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2, our family's journey has been one focused on newer brain science/developmental therapeutic methods that support Lily's development--working from the inside out to feel regulated and help her to enjoy connecting with others, develop self-love and self-awareness, an understanding that we all have differences in challenges and strengths, and embracing others' differences, too. Inside-out has also meant showing her how to take care of her body with healthy foods, moderation when it comes to less healthy "treat foods," and awareness of the kind of physical exercises that support her emotional and physical regulation. Another important part of inside-out has been finding out what Lily's body is missing nutritionally, and supplementation. Prior to supplementing Charlotte's Web, we addressed Lily's anxiety in different ways, which include all of the above. She made progress, but nothing close to what Charlotte's Web has provided for her.

No words can paint a clear picture of how Lily has benefited from Charlotte's Web. She is less fearful about many of the day-to-day things she was before, her social anxiety has been reduced dramatically. Before Charlotte's Web, Lily had an easier time connecting with adults than peers, even though she wanted so much to engage with peers, she often didn't have the courage and she said her mind wasn't, "clear enough to know what to say." She has gained the confidence and joy of joining peers. Her independence is growing in day-to-day life and activities at home, and even in her confidence and willingness in academic learning.

It's very easy for non-autistics to take our brains for granted, including our ability to manage feeling calm through all of the transitions we make each and every day, or navigate stressful moments and situations. Being able to do that is vital to our mental health. Because of CBD oil, Lily now has that.

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