His meltdowns significantly improved

His meltdowns significantly improved

Written by mom Cheryl

Bradley has been taking cannabinoid therapy for about a year now. Before he started therapy, Bradley had frequent meltdowns, was hyper, made poor eye contact, and was not interested in the environment around him. Everything has improved except for he is still nonverbal. If someone walks in my back door, he hears that now and goes to see who it is (he didn’t do this before). His meltdowns significantly improved. Bradley is still very autistic but so much better than he used to be.

My family members kinda scattered when Bradley became autistic at 16 months old. It would be an inconvenience for my family to actually help. “Not my kid, not my problem” is their motto. The impact on me is huge. I'm all by myself with Bradley and every day is a struggle. This grant has helped take some stress away from me. I truly believe this therapy has helped Bradley and I can't even imagine what would happen to him if I couldn't give him this oil anymore.

The grant has absolutely eased my financial burden. The extra money has helped with everyday expenses, clothes, food or sensory toys for Bradley. Many businesses have special needs nights but they still charge money and you don't know if your child will stay 5 minutes or an hour. I was able to take Bradley to one of those events. I have even enrolled Bradley in swim classes. Thank you Realm of Caring for your generosity.

Realm of Caring

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