She is blooming like a flower

She is blooming like a flower

Written by mom Dawn

My daughter Synthia has suffered from seizures since she was 10 months old. She is now 4 and we have exhausted every medication we could try to stop them. The neurologist said we can't do anything else, Synthia regressed with several of the psychoactive drugs. My daughter is nonverbal, she can sit up and bunny hop to crawl but she can't walk independently and needs total dependability.

We heard about CBD oil two years ago when it aired on the news, our friends and family called us just to make sure we saw this. I was blown away and had such great new hope. My heart was so full because it never gets any easier watching your baby have seizures all day. We called the Realm of Caring and were told that we could only get it if we lived there. So we started making arrangements to move which is very expensive. We were going to split the family and go but we heard we would be able to get it in our state (not knowing we would have to get into a study that didn't even exist at the time). So we were sad and back to square one. We let Synthia finish out her school year at a special needs school that we love and talked about moving again.

Then we received an email stating the CBD oil could be shipped. I was so excited I cried. I called the ROC and they were so very helpful with dosing questions. Syntha went one month with no seizures, she has been very happy, laughing like I have never heard her laugh, she has more energy than before, and she has no side effects. Teachers say she is a different child. Synthia has started walking in her walker all over the place. She is blooming like a flower. God sent this to us and it is a miracle.

Realm of Caring

Written by : Realm of Caring

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