Things that I had to force myself to do I now do naturally

Things that I had to force myself to do I now do naturally

Written by Patricia

When I was 28 (in 1988), I came down with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia. The first 7 years I was bedridden. I slowly improved, but I've never enjoyed good health since then. I stopped driving about 5-6 years ago due to severe brain fog. Bodily pain varies. What afflicted me most has been frequent migraines, severe fatigue, a definite feeling of malaise, light and sound sensitivity (so bad I had to quit going to church and other functions); the list goes on and on.

Due to some swelling I couldn't walk from the pain for over 2 years. On “good days” I'd try to go for nightly walks but usually had to turn back after just walking past 3 or 4 houses. It wasn't fun, living in the dark and trying to find fulfillment doing basically nothing.

At the urging of my oldest daughter, I purchased a bottle of hemp oil. I started taking it six days ago; half a dropperful twice daily. I cannot even begin to tell you the improvement I've seen in that short time!! I feel mentally alert again. I no longer have that deathly morbid fatigue. My mood is ...dare I say it... almost happy! Things that I had to force myself to do I now do naturally and without thought. And best of all I have taken 1 mile walks every day since taking it with absolutely no problem! Smiling, no pain, no fatigue, for the first time in many years! No way could any placebo effect cause this. I have tried so many things with sometimes disastrous results, and to tell the truth, had resigned myself to a lifetime of misery.

I'm so confident in this product I bought the big bottle of the highest dosage, which should last me quite awhile. It is awesome to feel like my old self after more than 28 years.

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