Story of Inspiration - Meet Brandi

Story of Inspiration -  Meet Brandi

What does Realm of Caring mean to you?

Brandi:  I love the support and transparency. It's a real deal community. I once called a listed practitioner and received [great] advice. I give every month :)

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My name is Brandi, I am 46 years old, I am happily married with 3 sons and 2 grandsons. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach. My fibromyalgia was triggered 8 years ago and came in the sudden onset of extreme fatigue and food allergies. We quickly determined I could no longer eat gluten, and then eventually soy. I have been a clean eater for over 10 years and in excellent physical shape so this was surprising. I now know that all my life I have had pain, the pain was my normal. It steadily increased to the point that I could barely move in the evenings.

I am not comfortable with prescription medications and last year I turned my self-study research to not only anti-inflammatory eating such as Keto or low-carb, higher healthy fats, but also to CBD. I developed anxiety in 2017. This was confusing since it mostly hit me when I was exhausted and trying to sleep or when I was very happy, like when I am hiking or with family.

CW Hemp was the third oil I tried. It was so confusing to find a quality oil that had been lab tested for not only impurities and toxins but also to prove that it contained CBD! Since I have chronic pain, I went straight for the highest strength, Everyday Advanced. I take one full dropper morning and night and occasionally a 35 mg capsule on a hard day. It is like magic! My anxiety is a rare occurrence now and the pain went from a daily 8/10 to most days being around a 2! I have tons of energy and I just feel great! I only strength train 3x a week for 45 min, I do EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping)  when needed, take walks with my clients and make sure I have time for peace and quiet and I am learning the acoustic guitar.

CW Hemp has changed my life. I went without it for 2 doses on accident and paid the price. Thank you for this product, your diligence and your caring for your fellow humans. This little oil allows me to get up every day at 4 am and train my clients til 3 pm on most days and still play with my grandsons!

I spent my 46th bday in the canyon on a 4-day intense hike.
I am a wife, mom, grandma, and coach.
All because of my clean diet of high fat, low-carb, moderate protein,
no grains, and other inflammatory foods,
and my CWhemp...
There is life with fibromyalgia!! 
Go live it!

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