Charlotte's Web™ Hemp

The Stanley Brothers began breeding for high-CBD cannabis strains in 2009, shortly after their entrance into the medical cannabis industry. Their purposes for doing so were to find more benefits from the plant's compounds, specifically for patients who didn't benefit from psycho-activity as well as for the potential anti-tumor properties suggested by many preclinical studies. The Stanley's CBD project became known as the Charlotte's Web™ breeding project after meeting the Figi family in early 2012, and discovering 5 year old Charlotte Figi's dramatic success in her battle with epilepsy. To date, there are several phenotypic strains that have emerged from the Charlotte's Web™ (CW) project which have low enough THC to be considered Hemp. Currently, only certain phenotypes are commonly used for the CBD infused into Charlotte's Web™ Hemp Products, due to the high success rate of these specific cannabinoid profiles in intractable epilepsy and other debilitating conditions.

Charlotte's Web™ is available through CW Hemp- A Stanley Brothers Company. Visit their website and login using your Realm of Caring Client Portal email address and password for RoC discounted pricing on Everyday Advanced products (100mL size only).

CW Hemp- Exclusive Provider of Charlotte's Web™


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