We’ve never seen our child this way prior to CBD

We’ve never seen our child this way prior to CBD

Quality of life really matters when you find your child fighting against 100's of seizures a day just to survive.

When pharmaceutical medications fail including the high-fat diets (Keto) do we give up or continue to find an answer? Feeling helpless and not knowing what to do is a parent's worse nightmare. We were not fully aware as to how CBD worked even though we read so much about kids getting cured of their seizures. We watched the documentary 'Weed' and contacted Realm of Caring to educate us about cannabis. We knew we had to give this a try. 

A tiny bottle had the answer that we were looking for and it started to work wonders the minute we placed the lowest dosage under our child's tongue. We are still trying to find the exact dosage but one thing is for sure: the 100’s of seizures dropped instantly. It was a joyous moment for us knowing that this tiny bottle worked for our child. The seizures are now about 20/day and we hope to see her going seizure-free any moment now.

Thank you Realm of Caring!! You guys are truly helping to save lives, in an unexplainable way. Our child can finally raise her head and be more steady thanks to you guys.  She is alert, active, and not had a fall ever since CBD was introduced. We’ve never seen our child this way prior to CBD. A big change in memory and speech too. She could not stand up straight and is now doing a lot of things independently.  We are just 1.5 months on CBD oil. When CBD oil is given we either see no seizures or just a couple. It is a bit tricky since she is on a string of medications but these are going to be taken away gradually now since there is a noticeable decrease in seizures.


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