It's a Family Affair

It's a Family Affair

From our daily observation of Cassandra, it appears that the frequency and intensity of the absence seizures have decreased.  Unfortunately, we have observed an increase in the frequency and intensity of her drop seizures. Cassandra has been recently diagnosed with an eating disorder (restrictive anorexia), which is a common issue for young adults with Asperger's.  We believe that the increase in drop seizures (tonic-clonic) is due to the huge loss of weight and the release of toxins from the recent weight loss. We have finally been able to enroll Cassandra in an eating disorder program to coordinate her eating habits with the recommendations of a registered pediatric dietician, which requires driving 300 miles every two weeks to Columbus, OH.  We are still trying to find a psychologist who is able to treat Cassandra. On a positive note, she has decided to try the Special Olympics Bowling/Swimming/and Powerlifting for the winter season.

This grant has allowed us to try the only option available to Cassandra.  She has tried multiple medications that did not work due to having a gene that does not allow her to metabolize anti-epileptic medications.  As a side note, CBD oil was the only option left for Tom due to not being permitted to have a third back surgery because his doctor stated that he would not survive another surgery (death).  The CBD has allowed Tom to stop/prevent a 3-year Oxycodone addiction. Thank you for allowing our family to try this remarkable product that we still have hope in.

Our family has been surviving by deficit financing with having to rely on the usage of credit cards to survive over the last 3 years.  Since the original loss of $20,000 per year in earned income, the available room on our credit cards has almost vanished. This grant allows us to continue to find room on various credit cards to continue purchasing the CBD oil for both Tom and Cassandra.

Cassandra and Tom’s Stories

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