She is Thriving

She is Thriving

My daughter was born to a 16-year-old child. She lay in a toilet bowl for an unknown amount of time. She was born nearly dead. She had an STD transferred to her while in utero.  My daughter spent 8 weeks all alone in the NICU. She had three foster care placements before coming to live with my family. My daughter was adopted. My daughter had a GJ feeding tube. She had multiple outbreaks of an STD. My daughter's brain was attacked. My daughter was left without speech. My daughter was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.  My daughter was put on three types of medicine to control seizures, Keppra, On-fi, and Banzel. Her developmental milestones were not met. Her medicine stole those from her under the guise of stopping the seizures. My daughter's seizures got worse and worse. My daughter had seizures up to twenty times a day. My daughter was wasting away before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to help her.

She is not just another child. She is my daughter. She should have been dead three times in her short four years. We were just waiting. Waiting for a cure, waiting for the medicines to work, waiting for her to come back to us, waiting for her pain to end, waiting.

Then we got our miracle. Virginia legislation allowed the use of cannabidiol oil for patients with epilepsy. We ordered a bottle for $250. I mention the price because her prescription medicines cost about $2,000 a month. She had her first dose at night. The next day there were no seizures. No seizures the next day, or the next, or the next. My daughter has had ONE seizure in eight weeks. ONE.

She was returning to us. Her eyes were becoming brighter. She began looking at us and making eye contact. She began to squirm in her wheelchair, wanting out to play for the first time in two years. She began to smile without prompting. Then the best thing of all, she began to laugh. A real belly laugh. She found humor in us and our antics. She anticipates games and tickles. She is making new sounds that we pray will turn into words. She is fighting. She is surviving. She is thriving.

She has been able to come off of the Banzel with no issues. She will soon be prescription medicine free for the first time in her nearly five years.  We have not seen one negative side effect to the cannabis oil. She uses Charlotte's Web. We fight for her and for all the children like her. She's going to roar!

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