I feel like I’m “coming alive”

I feel like I’m “coming alive”

Written by mom Roberta


My family and I have powered through and persevered over uncontrolled epilepsy for 25 years. I've been on over 25 different drugs none of which has controlled my seizures. I have had multiple hospital stays, countless trips to the emergency room, falls, hundreds of blood draws, and two Vagus Nerve Stimulator transplants. I've tried the ketogenic diet, neurofeedback, and numerous vitamins and herbal supplements.

While none of the combinations of medications worked to control my seizures, I did experience side effects including pancreatitis, lack of concentration, drowsiness, weight loss, insomnia, fatigue, irritation, confusion---in short, a lot of my life I've been in a drug-induced haze! I've experienced bullying by peers and teachers and because my seizures were not under control I wasn't able to socialize or join activities I really wanted to do.

My last six months of high school I was asked to complete my final credits privately because it was "unsafe" for me on campus. I managed to obtain an Associate Degree and I'm currently in my senior year of college majoring in Mass Media. It hasn't been easy but as I said before we have persevered.

The past nine months of my life have been among the best ever. Nine months ago I started taking CBD oil. I have gone from having 1-3 major seizures a month before CBD oil to not having a seizure for periods as long as thirteen weeks! We have completely eliminated one medication, have reduced two by a third and I'm currently weaning off another medication.

I am learning to paddleboard and rock climb. As I keep telling my family and friends I feel like I'm "coming alive".CBD oil has given me my life back. I can't get back the days, weeks and months I've lost to seizures and the side effects of prescribed drugs but I'm going to make the most of each and every moment going forward thanks to CBD.