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RoC Friends: Support Our Mission!

RoC Friends: Support Our Mission!

In the coming weeks, we’ll officially launch a major sustainability campaign: RoC Friends! When you sign up as a RoC Friend, your monthly gift fuels our mission to Improve Quality of Life through cannabinoid Research, Education, and Advocacy.

How does it work?

New clients will choose a RoC Friend level when they register. Those who choose the $1 per month level or above gain access to the Client Portal, all our online resources, and the ability to call our Care Team for phone appointments.

Current clients will choose their Friend level after logging in. By giving $1 per month or more, they will retain their Client Portal access and get all the other benefits for their level of choice.

We also have cool rewards for those who aren't clients but still wish to support us as a RoC Friend. Check them out here!

Why the change?

We provide revolutionary programs and services. In August, we received almost 8,000 inquiries from all over the world! This year, we’re giving nearly $100,000 directly back to our clients in the form of family grants. We’re a small nonprofit doing BIG things! With a steady source of revenue, we can fund all these initiatives and more, continuing to provide vital assistance to all those who need us.

How is the money used?

We are proud to be good stewards of your donation dollars and are transparent with our financial information. View our tax returns online! Crunch the numbers and find that 95% of our revenue is used on programs and services for our clients. Of that money, we spend 62% on education, 21% on research, and 12% on advocacy.

Can I join now?

Of course you can! Check out our Friend levels then click the green Become a Friend button to sign up.

Thank you as always for your support!