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Stage 4 Cancer

Stage 4 Cancer

When my husband Ken started Charlotte's Web we hoped that it would help with keeping his stage 4 colon cancer at a manageable level and help with any pain he might encounter with his journey. It will be 6 years this month since his diagnosis and he's still kicking, although slower. He isn't in pain but sometimes uncomfortable with the other symptoms that come along with this dreaded cancer.

We hope for continued improvement and no decline. He enjoys our grandsons when they come over and this gives them time to remember special memories of their Paw.

The monthly grants have helped our family so much knowing we can continue to make our purchases of Charlotte's Web and take it twice a day. Without the grant, it will be very tough to know we have the funds for everything my husband needs.

I also take Charlotte's Web for the arthritis of my hands from years of upholstery work. It keeps my hand's pain-free allowing me to take care of my husband's growing personal needs.  

This grant has brought our family peace of mind knowing we can make Charlotte's Web purchases as needed without having to choose what to do without for that month. It was a pleasure for my husband and myself to accept this grant and talk with the helpful people at the Realm of Caring.

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