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"Cannabis has literally saved me"

"Cannabis has literally saved me"

What does Realm of Caring mean to you?

A harbor for those who are dealing with conditions that have no known cure and oftentimes the standard health care actually does more harm than good. This is a place that people can go to find support, find financial help with expensive CBD oil that is not covered any other way. The team at Realm of Caring are exceptional and can help anyone try to figure out what they need, what they can do and how CBD can work with them.

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Both Raymond and I have been married for almost 25 years. And both of us have Cerebral Palsy. Back in 1986 I 'came down' with a 99.9 degree fever for 6 months. I was getting weaker began to have more and more pain as well. It wasn't until 1996 that I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. From 1993 until my diagnosis of Fibro, I was placed on so many pain medications, one that was so toxic I lost hair in clumps, had muscle control problems with weakness, with nausea, vomiting and the rest. 

By 2010, I was on 23 different medications per day, with opioids at the center of my pain regimen. I wasn't eating well and sometimes it was impossible to keep food down. I wasn't sleeping and actually went into sleep psychosis of no sleep for 3 full days, due to pain, and my severe allergic reaction to Dilaudid (morphine and codeine combined which is usually given to cancer patients) and Baclofen along with 21 other medications. A pain clinic was preparing me for the last recourse they could do for my condition: a Baclofen pump, which for those with cerebral palsy is our last choice given the rejection rate, the clogging of tubes that happens so often, the weekly titration needed to keep it working, and perhaps the loss of use of my legs.


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During that time, we were trying to find out about medical cannabis in an 'illegal' state (then), and coming up short on information, facts, etc. We knew we had to move out of state to find help. We had to sell all that we owned to move to Oregon, risk homelessness and risk (at that time) not being able to get care, due to the expensive costs of licensure, etc. We had moved, we knew no one and yet, the information we could get on cannabis was still hard to find or even knowing where to look. The last straw was the night of the psychosis and Serotonin Toxicity (Serotonin Syndrome), which was the tipping point, I almost died. 

One of my online friends from Colorado recommended I look at TED-X Boulder video with Josh Stanley, and Charlotte and Paige Figi. Raymond and I felt so touched and so supported by this video.  The fact I was also "sent home at age 4 to die" by physicians who couldn't help someone with C.P. and a severe case of whopping cough with a 104 fever. 

This was in 2013. We took our time doing research to understand how cannabis might help us. And one of many telephone calls was to Realm of Caring. Realm of Caring has helped in so many ways. I have been on a combination of fully extracted cannabis oil and CBD oil in order to deal with the physical pain, the inability to sleep because of pain, and the nausea. I went from 23 medications each day (often triple the amount) down to 4 medications, period. Cannabis has literally saved me and I trust Realm of Caring with any questions I may have and have referred others to them daily through my blogging efforts.

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