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RayAnn is thriving!

RayAnn is thriving!

RayAnn is 16 years old and is diagnosed with epilepsy (KCNQ2) and cerebral palsy. She began having seizures on her first day of life and continued to experience daily seizures despite medical intervention. After failing numerous anti-seizure drugs, diets, implantable devices, etc. we turned to CBD-rich oil (Charlotte's Web)

We worked with RayAnn's neurologist and developed a treatment plan. She took her first dose on Sept. 19, 2015, and slowly titrated to a therapeutic dose. I am happy to report that RayAnn has not had a seizure for over 2.5 years. She is thriving academically, physically and socially. She is doing things that we never thought would be possible. (For instance, she just got back from a 4 days leadership camp in Tallahassee.) We are beyond blessed and thankful to all who made CBD products available to patients. Quality of life matters!

RayAnn’s Story

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