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Cannabis for sleep

Cannabis for sleep

I first ordered CBD after my Mom's radiation for cancer took her appetite and she was losing an alarming amount of weight. I was unsure of its legal status and nervous about its association with marijuana - at the time, in my early 50s, I'd never tried marijuana, although I'd heard ethnobotanist, (former USDA researcher and author of The Green Farmacy) Jim Duke, thought it was criminal.   Cannabis use was criminalized in light of its huge medicinal properties.

I wanted to use myself as a test case before suggesting it for my Mom's use. I tried the oil and learned that CBD doesn't give you the "munchies" and I put the bottle away. A number of months later, I got bloodwork.  I had just lost a friend at only 57 years old to cardiac arrest, so I requested C-reactive protein for myself, a marker of inflammation in the body since I have a family history of early heart attacks. A C-reactive protein result of 3 or higher indicated an increased risk of a future cardiac event. My C-reactive protein came back at 6.18. 

Around the same time, my sleep was being torn up by perimenopause, and I read CBD oil could help so I dug out the bottle - at first only 9 mg per serving. It made a notable difference in my sleep quality. This was a period of high stress and I gradually increased the dose to about 25 mg per night before bed. The first bloodwork was taken in February, then I had another round in late May--I was astonished to read that my C-reactive protein had fallen to 1.3 - beneath the risk threshold of 3. I was shocked. The time between when I had the lab work done was a very stressful period and the *only* thing I could think to account for it was the use of the CBD oil. That's how I became a believer in the first place - I wasn't even looking for that effect so to see it show up in my lab report in black and white made quite an impression.

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