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Laughter, health, joy & peace

Laughter, health, joy & peace

Brandon had only 3 grand mal seizures in one night in December. Also when there is a drastic change in the barometric pressure it always throws him into a seizure. This is the first year that it did not affect him. Before the CBD oil, we were just kind of existing trying to get through each day with all the seizures and the horrible side effects from the pharmaceutical mess. Now we are actually living and we have laughter, health, joy, and peace in our home.  I get and give lots of hugs. All of our relatives also say that they can see a change in Brandon.

With the $75 grant, we can buy more food and things we really need.  Brandon had a good Christmas and it is a blessing that we are able to continue with the CBD.  This has changed his quality of life for the better. We couldn't make it without this blessing.

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