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Skin Cancer & Rick Simpson Oil

Skin Cancer & Rick Simpson Oil

I had what I thought was a pimple on my nose and let it mature but it never did. After four days I tried to pop it but nothing came out. The next day what I thought was an infection under the skin developed. After a couple of days it didn't go away I called and made an appointment with my dermatologist. The tumor grew at a surprising rate and I began to get really worried.  My dermatologist burned it off and after a week or so it came back around the edges of the old tumor. At that point, I went for my follow up and he informed me it was a more serious form of cancer. One of my friends told me about the Rick Simpson Oil and my friend had some made and I began using it. Didn't see much difference at first but that was good because it wasn't growing anymore. My nostril was down to about 20% open and the tumor was painful and itching constantly. After another couple weeks, the redness went away and it actually started getting smaller. My dermatologist was very surprised at the reduction in size and color. He postponed my surgery so I could continue my treatment. He actually advised me to use it twice a day instead of just once. In the end he cancelled my operation and told me to let the hole from my burn heal and he's going to biopsy it just to make sure.


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