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We Have High Hopes

We Have High Hopes

Kyle has done very well with the CBD oil, as they have minimized the length and magnitude of his seizures. He was recently admitted to the hospital for a month and a half due to aspirated pneumonia, and they allowed his Depakote to drop to almost nothing and Kyle went into status seizing. They also would not give him or allow his CBD oil which didn’t help matters at all. He is now home and back on his CBD and his seizures are much better

We have been able to continue with the CBD oil for Kyle’s seizures as that seems to be helping him tremendously with slowing the seizures down and not requiring as much emergency medication. We have high hopes for the CBD oil to continue changing Kyle’s seizures for the better and to hopefully reduce other harmful medications he takes.

Kyle has been on numerous antiepileptic drugs for years and has had very little to no help with them until the CBD. Unfortunately, I am disabled myself and financially this was very hard to come up with the money to try this for Kyle as this is our last resort. But within a few weeks, we have seen a difference and it's well worth it.

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