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CBD Has Helped Me Live A Happier Life

CBD Has Helped Me Live A Happier Life

My seizures have been reduced by about 25% since I began taking CBD around two years ago.  Last year I went two whole months without a seizure for the first time ever in my life! However, I think the biggest factor in my life is that CBD has decreased my auras by over 75%. An aura usually causes me to stop what I'm doing and fight the dizziness and fear of a seizure about to happen. CBD has reduced these auras by a LOT and therefore I can stay more focused on things like work and play. The reduced auras result in reduced fear and stress. Simply put, CBD oil has helped me live a happier daily life.

Most neurologists say that if I take just a few different prescriptions and they don't fully control my seizures, then none of the others will be any different. I have taken over a dozen different prescriptions for epilepsy, and none of them have ever fully controlled my seizures. They have reduced my seizures, but never as quickly and strongly as the CBD has.

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