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Life-changing Experience

Life-changing Experience

I have lived with epilepsy for almost 7 years. I battle multiple types of seizures on a near daily basis. Most often, I encounter complex partial seizures. Not as often, I encounter grand mal seizures. These seizures affect my daily life, prevent me from working outside the home and participating in certain exciting activities with family and friends in order to protect myself from seizure activity.

I do not drive, and I am not alone for long periods of time. I have tried multiple varieties of anti-epileptic medications which have not helped very much. Right now, I am on Keppra XR and Zonegran. I recently began to take CBD oil. After about 10 days my complex partial seizure activity began to lessen. I went 6 days without any seizure activity. 

I have continually been doing very well. Both my husband and I and my entire family are all overjoyed. We couldn't imagine that this oil, this medicine, would be kept away from anyone who would need it. It shouldn't! It is just as I've said: Medicine. I have not experienced any negative side effects since beginning this oil.


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