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Last Resort After Meds, Keto Diet, VNS...

Last Resort After Meds, Keto Diet, VNS...

Our daughter Mellissa is 26 years old. She was born mentally impaired with significant delays. She developed severe scoliosis at age 15 and required surgery to correct scoliosis. After surgery, she developed seizures and was later diagnosed with a seizure disorder Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. She has many different types of seizures with as many as 50-70 a day that are not controlled by the many different seizure meds.

She has also tried the ketogenic diet and had a VNS implanted without success. Mellissa is currently on a CBD regimen and a THC regimen. She has been taking the CBD oil with great improvement. (Down to approx. 10 seizures a day). We recently added THC and have virtually seen a decrease in seizure activity to maybe 2-3 seizures a day! Since dealing with these debilitating seizures for 10 years, we have never had this kind of improvement with all the seizure meds on the market. She is a happy young woman again who interacts with her surroundings instead of having seizures and sleeping!

The expense is high, but seeing her happy and seizure free is worth it!

Mellissa’s Story

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