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She Has Never Spoken & Is Babbling Up A Storm Now

She Has Never Spoken & Is Babbling Up A Storm Now

Our daughter Maven is 2 years old, she has had different types of seizures daily since she was 5 months old. Maven has a genetic disorder called, Tuberous Sclerosis, TSC. It affects her brain and heart. Maven has had brain surgery at 16 months which was successful with some of her seizures.  She has tried many kinds of seizure medicines to try to help stop her seizures. She was taking four different seizure medicines 2x a day and still having 1 to 4 seizures during the night and when she woke up.  

We live in Michigan and we were able to get her medical marijuana card.  We started CBD right away. It was the first medicine we have ever used that we have seen such noticeable results from right away.  The first 48 hours she had no seizures being on CBD!! We started to wean her off of one of her seizures medicines and during the wean she had a few seizures.

Since being completely be done with the first medicine wean she has been seizure free for over 10 days.  We have NEVER seen that with any of her other seizure medicines! She has been more alert, bright-eyed and loving since starting. She has never spoken, and she is babbling up a storm since starting CBD.  We would be brought to tears if she started talking, and we believe it will be soon.

We prayed for help every day and we feel so blessed we were able to get this for our daughter.  We pray it keeps helping her and we pray others can get the access too. This could truly help so many people.  

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