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Did I mention she can see again?

Did I mention she can see again?

Born happy and healthy, Jaqie was stricken by the first of what would be thousands of seizures just days after a normal well check which included scheduled vaccines. Up to that point, Jaqie had progressed normally according to the doctor's growth charts. After that first seizure, Jaqie was only four months old and would never be the same. She would actually regress.

Over the years, through pharmaceutical trial and error, Jaqie would lose her fine motor functions, unable to hold her own head up. She couldn't scratch her own butt if it itched, nor vocalize it to someone who could. She never learned to sit, scoot, crawl or walk. The medicines, forced as the only option for relief, proved to make her worse. By the time she was two years old, she was pronounced legally blind.

The doctors threw their hands in the air and said there was nothing more to be done.  In April of 2014, unwilling to believe she was a lost hope, we put cannabis oil in our toddler's mouth.

Today, Jaqie not only scratches her own butt when it itches, but she also rolls over, cries, laughs, babbles, kisses, hugs, stands with help (that's huge for a child that previously had zero muscle tone) and she takes no pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis only.

Did I mention she can see again?

Story provided by Jaqie’s parents

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