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In a time when we had lost all hope

 In a time when we had lost all hope

Thank you so kindly for your random act of kindness and love.  You are more amazing than you will ever know. We've never come across or met anyone like you or a group of people so amazing as you and the RoC team. It's like having an extended family that has more kindness, love, and compassion in their hearts than some of our own blood family members.  Thank you!

In a time when we thought we had lost all hope for a cure, for a chance at life, RoC was there, helping us with this miracle oil.   You have opened your hearts and arms to us and truly made us feel welcome, appreciated, and loved. We appreciate you and thank you and the entire team from the deepest depths of our hearts.   You have kindness and an inner shine that sets you apart from the world, a presence that needs to be recognized, for all that you do and for being "you."  Thank you!

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