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Our sweet boy has been given a chance to live

Our sweet boy has been given a chance to live

Provided by an anonymous family

I'm at a loss for words in how to truly express what your work has done for our son. He was diagnosed with generalized myoclonic epilepsy (with four different types of seizures) that has been very difficult to treat. He has failed many meds and at one point he was having 100+ seizures a day along with a lot of facial injuries due to the forcefulness of his myoclonic seizures.

He had been delayed in his speech and with the development of his epilepsy just before he turned 2 1/2, he had stalled, and at times regressed. He had started preschool only weeks before his first seizure and we had to end up pulling him because his epilepsy became too much for him to attend. He had his longest seizure of 16 minutes and had another seizure in the ER that night when he stopped breathing and they had to bag him to get him breathing again. We spent over half of that month in the hospital.

Our son has experienced a lot of ups and downs since that time, but it has been horrific watching our sweet boy injure himself and not be able to do things a boy of three should be able to do. We began using CBD oil and we have since titrated up to the 0.75 level. Since this last and final titration, we have experienced our miracle. It has been three weeks and three days since our son's last visible seizure. We honestly were not sure if we would ever even experience a day without seizures again. Because of your dedication and hard work at helping families like ours, Our sweet boy has been given a chance to live.

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