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Now he drives, goes to school, works and leads a normal healthy life

Now he drives, goes to school, works and leads a normal healthy life

Written by: Mom Kirsten

My son, Kellen, has epilepsy and was diagnosed at age 11. We didn't want to put him on any of the medications out there due to the side effects.  We chose a route of eating certain foods and chiropractic care. That worked til this year.

His triggers are lack of sleep, dehydration, and stress. It seemed to have gotten better because Kellen wasn't having grand mal seizures during the day. He had a lot of partial seizures and seizures during sleep.  We realized we needed to get something else for him to help him live the life he wants to live.

I watched the documentary WEED on CNN and I was instantly intrigued and inspired to get more information. As I did, I started to see the benefits that medical marijuana has for my son and others that struggle with seizures. I don't let this define him, but he knows he needs help to control it. Kellen takes high CBD oil and it already blocked a partial seizure the day after he started. Now he drives, goes to school, works, and leads a normal healthy life. No side effects. No stoned results, just a healthy, happy kid that wants to make the world a better place.

Please consider making this available to those in your community. It is a life saver. It works. It is safe and effective. I have proof and I know many others do too. Why would anyone want to withhold something that could help someone, especially a child, have a normal happy life?

Thank you for listening to our story. I know in the beginning I was a bit skeptical but after researching, talking to many doctors, and watching these documentaries my son is now using it and having success. I would not choose anything else and have full trust in this product.

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