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We have been able to go out and travel without being worried sick about her seizures.

We have been able to go out and travel without being worried sick about her seizures.

Written by a mom who wishes to stay anonymous

You have no idea how grateful we are with this CBD oil, our daughter has changed in a significant way. She´s sleeping better, her appetite is amazing, she´s more aware of her surroundings, and her squint eye seems to get better every day. Not to mention that her seizures have dropped to about 1 every 3 months (WOW!!!). The most exciting thing is that pre-school is now a reality, she has recently started and she´s enjoying it tons!

We have also been able to go out and travel without being worried sick about her seizures. I would love to mention that my relatives are also doing better than ever, it was hard for them to know that we were always on alert and that we might have to run to the hospital because she would seize.

Buying a bottle of CBD oil meant that I had to look for extra shifts and a bank loan. The currency exchange during recent months has been outrageous, one dollar meant 19 pesos for us (we live in Mexico). Now we have been able to focus on other things like house adaptations for our daughter. We have also been able to buy her splints as she has some stiffness in both of her Achilles' tendons. We´ve also been able to pay for her doctor´s appointments. We have a sort of Medicaid but unfortunately, the doctor they allocated us wasn't ok with cannabidiol (CBD) treatment so we had to look for another doctor which is outside coverage but is giving us a small discount. So now we can follow-up with him even more often. We´ve been able to redeem the coupon code you’ve provided to us and only pay for shipping. The assistance the RoC is giving us is such a blessing.

The impact from the RoC is way too much! Like I´ve mentioned previously we can now see for a better way of living for us and our daughter. The whole family is just overwhelmed by how she has progressed and how her seizures have decreased. They have been through a lot with us, going to the hospital, staying with her for days in the hospital, etc. I have to tell you, we had to cancel two of her birthday celebrations as she seized either the night before or on her birthday. We are all very happy with her progress. You can´t imagine how happy her cousins are as she can now attend various events, she even went to a baseball game last week!! My whole family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity you are giving our daughter for a better chance at life. We can't express and thank you enough for how much you are doing for us.

Note: This family receives financial assistance through our Realm Cares™ Grant Program.

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