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#OptionsMatter The Jerger’s grant moves them to Colorado

#OptionsMatter The Jerger’s grant moves them to Colorado

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"Number one hope for us is for Jaelah to be seizure free. Just a single day seizure free is like a miracle. It's a celebration." Says Jaelah's parents.


Since 2-year-old Jaelah has been using CBD oil, her seizures have reduced more than 90%. Instead of 100 seizures a day, her parents say they visibly see 5 or 6 now. Her quality of life has improved drastically.


"Quality of life for our daughter is the most important thing."


Jaelah's parents, Lelah and Jade, say she is thriving more now than ever. She has occupational and speech therapy - when none of these were options for her in Indiana. When we met Jaelah in their home, no one would guess she is a little girl who has struggled with seizures. She runs around like any 2-year-old playing with her siblings and putting ornaments on the tree.


The Jerger's found the Realm of Caring when they were searching for information about how to use CBD oils. "I just fell in love with the Realm of Caring. Everything about it," Lelah confesses. They applied for the Joy Fund, a relocation grant, and were able to take the stress out of moving to Colorado this summer.


The Joy Fund has been a blessing to many families over the years and it continues to exist from donations from people like you. The easiest and most impactful way to give is $1 a month as a RoC Friend. Be the reason that other families can relocate to a state where they or their children have options.


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