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#GivingMatters Part 2 of Paula and Jordan's Journey.

#GivingMatters Part 2 of Paula and Jordan's Journey.

Episode 2 of 7

Tune in tomorrow to meet our next family, the Jergers, and hear their incredible story! 

We hope you feel inspired to make an impact after watching part two of Paula and Jordan's story. Today, when Jordan has a seizure it is much less severe and overall her life has been positively affected by cannabinoid therapies. Paula is thrilled they made the move out West more than 5 years ago to try a plant-based, non-toxic option. "She's never asked to go back home," says Paula. They were one of the first families to relocate to Colorado before hundreds of families with medically fragile children migrated here. These families were known as "medical refugees" for leaving their home-states to try an option that wasn't available to them at the time.

In the United States (at the end of 2018) we have 33 states plus Washington D.C. with medical cannabis laws, and 10 states which have legalized recreational cannabis, so hearing the term "medical refugee" is a little archaic, although it’s still happening as you’ll discover in episode three of this series tomorrow. It took families like Paula's to completely uproot their lives and instigate major changes surrounding the medical cannabis stigma and legalities.

Without sacrifices like theirs, would more than half of our country have medical cannabis laws? These fearless families made a huge impact within their communities and beyond. Will you consider making an impact before the end of the year?

You're probably asking, where does my donation go?

By donating to the Realm of Caring you are supporting education, research and grant programs. To date, donors have enabled Realm of Caring to grant more than $300,000 in financial assistance to families in need, and invest over $600,000 in first of its kind research with Universities like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania studying the health outcomes of CBD and cannabis.

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Tune in tomorrow to meet the Jerger family and learn why they fled the state of Indiana.

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