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Realm Cares™ Financial Aid is Growing

Realm Cares™ Financial Aid is Growing
As we prepare to accept and onboard new Realm Cares recipients, we can hardly contain our enthusiasm. Thanks to your continual donations, our annual budget is over $120,000!! This money is going straight to clients in financial need to help offset the cost of their cannabinoid therapy. Despite this impressive growth, our acceptance rate is still less than 10%. To continue the expansion of this quality of life program, consider donating here. Below are just a few of the moving testimonies that have stemmed from the program:
  • “Each month I face his oil or the mortgage. The grant is massive in our lives. I am grateful with my every breath and for Isaac's very breath- which YOU have my back on during this time- it is vast, ongoing, endless, I have no measure for that. THIS IS THE BEST PART!!! NO SEIZURES, NONE, NADA... ahhhhh I could fill this whole block with just this and sit back in my chair and stare at it for days- truly. Isaac is doing MARVELOUS. Can I write it in the sky..or carve it in a pie?? We have done so many things we have not for the last 13 years of his life. We are "Livin Large," I tell him. My closest friends say “that's amazing,” and I have replied every time..”No, it is EVERYTHING.”

  • “Quite honestly, his quality of life has benefited from using the oil so I will continue to purchase the oil for the foreseeable future. We are extremely grateful that we ever contacted the Realm of Caring. Elijah struggled for a considerable amount of time and it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The CBD oil has shown to be a great treatment for him and my entire family is HAPPY!!!”

  • “The monthly assistance has really eased our financial burden. We were able to do some family activities over the holidays like the Cripple Creek train and Santa's Workshop. This grant has helped us significantly and we would not have been able to purchase this oil if we had not received it. We have been able to really see how this therapy really works and we are so grateful for all of your assistance.”

Erika Rae

Written by : Erika Rae

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