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Mugs of RoC- Lisa, Lead Care Specialist

Mugs of RoC- Lisa, Lead Care Specialist

How is it April already!? Well, onward and upward we go. This month I sat down with Lisa, Lead Care Specialist at RoC. Lisa is multilingual, and this woman has worldly written all over her, let's learn more.

Lisa comes to RoC from Miami, but nowhere in particular, or more so everywhere. In her previous line of work, she was a flight attendant. And then went on to host a television show called "Casa Y Estilo Internacionel" (or if you're like me, and parlez Francais, kinda, that's House and Style International), so when I say she is "worldly," she is the very embodiment of the word. Buckle up and let's go for a ride!

Nicole: "Say "Hi," Lisa!"

Lisa: "Que tal."

Whats in your mug?
"Te. This morning the loose leaf Stress Blend that we have here at the office." (Not that we need Stress Blend or anything....)

Where did you get your mug?
(After pausing, and staring off into the distance for some time...then, with a little Lisa laugh-) "This mug is so old that I don't even remember; it's like a decade old."

Why do you love it?
"Because it's the most durable one ever. It's stainless steel, inside and out, and it keeps everything hot for a long time... and it's a rather cheerful color. Which is important (the hot, not the color) because I nurse it all morning and refill it many times throughout the day."

Why do you love RoC?
"Because RoC is all about the heart. (I asked, "Is that important to you, in your work?") Well, it's important to me in my life, and I've never had the opportunity and privilege to have it in my profession; now I do."


Where is your favorite place to travel: "Belgium! No, wait, can I change it? Cambodia! It is just so different there from our culture and what we're accustomed to. Even despite everything they've been through, the people are so lovely, such amazing, delicious food. And it's very natural, not touristy at all."

What's your fave internet meme: "The five stages of waking up! I love to sleep, it helps me to have a good day. I believe anything is doable with a good night's sleep." (AMEN SISTER!)

What's your fave book: "Cien Años de Soledad" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Some find it confusing, it can be tough, but stick with it! And it's best in Spanish."

Who do you admire and why: "Hands down, my parents; they were, both are, amazing- if they weren't my parents, they'd be my dear friends, for sure!"

What's your nighttime routine (since you like to sleep): "I curl up with a good book or my journal the last several hours (WAIT?! HOURS?? Lisa laughs- "Yes, hours.") -the last several hours of the day, with my cats and my things that I like. (Me, with a confused look- "things you like??" Lisa, doing her lighthearted laugh again. SIDENOTE: her laugh is so infectious and refreshing, like a nice hug, or like being swept by a light, sunny breeze...) Well, my favorite space is my bedroom, everyone loves my bedroom. I have Christmas lights, a salt lamp, a diffuser; I make it very relaxing and comfortable."

If you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be: "Hiking. I would be hiking, in the mountains, moving this body. There's a special grounding that happens in nature."

In closing, dear Lisa, is there anything you'd like to say to our faithful readers? "Always stay hopeful, there's always hope! Trust that you know what's best for you and your family."

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