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Raise the Realm Day 7: Kendell- PTSD

Raise the Realm Day 7: Kendell- PTSD

I was a Loadmaster on a MC-130P Combat Shadow during the Tsunami Relief Effort in 2004/2005, seeing mass devastation, and unworldly damage. My world was changed just a few months later when I sustained a dislocated and fractured right leg, and Traumatic Brain Injury. I went through the VA gambit, twice tasting the working end of loaded firearm before I finally decided to quit all medications until I found a better alternative. Sleeping medications, anti-depressants, anti-this and anti-that; I knew I couldn't continue that pace for long. After speaking with family, friends, and fellow veterans, I decided to try cannabis for the very first time on my 28th birthday with some of the most loving people I have in my life. The benefits I see not only help with my PTSD, but also positively benefit my physical health, physical abilities and day-to-day cognitive function.

Since my introduction in 2012, I've competed in 4 Warrior Games, and traveled with MSI Mining to install gold mining equipment around the world, and served as the Director of West Coast Operations for the Road Warrior Foundation- providing Adventure Therapy to our military veterans. No other medication in my life has helped me more than Cannabis and CBD. I hope to continue to show the benefits of this organic option as time goes on.

Erika Rae

Written by : Erika Rae

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