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Mugs of RoC: Meet Joel

Mugs of RoC: Meet Joel

Time for February's Mugs of RoC, a way to get to know RoC team members through our most personal office staple: the coffee mug! This month I sat down with Joel Munson, Program Manager at RoC. He goes by Jefe, T. Joel Munson, Joelseph, and Brother Munson, among many other names. Joel is also one of our longest serving team members, hopping on board in the spring of 2014.

Since I mentioned it, funny story about how Joel was hired... he basically stalked Heather until she gave in and considered him, but all of her internet searches for “Joel Munson” turned up blank, she couldn’t find anything. Not a shred of info. She thought he was some anonymous hacker! But he’s not. That’s because his real name is Timothy. It was only after he was hired that we learned it’s a common mistake, which also happened with his first college roommate LOL! Now, glad we could all have a laugh. Anyway, he ended up being an amazing teacher. Want to learn some skateboard tricks? He’s your guy! This only proves it makes him a great educator. He really helps clients when they call in by breaking it down, making it easier to digest (since, as we all know, cannabinoid therapy can get pretty technical). Let’s jump in, shall we?!

Nicole: “Say “Hi,” Joel!”

Joel: “HI”

What’s in your mug?
“I’m drinking coffee with coconut oil and half and half, but I’d prefer heavy whipping cream...actually raw milk, or raw whipping cream, none of this homogenized, pasteurized stuff….. “

Where did you get your mug?
“At the RoC 5K, with the beer refills, that was awesome! I would love to drink out of a normal mug, but I love RoC, and we don’t have normal ceramic RoC mugs….YET.”

Why do you love it?
“It holds a LOOOOOOT of coffee…. And did I mention we don’t have ceramic RoC mugs YET?! (That’s a hint for me, I coordinate merchandise. Point taken.) It gives me energy to lead the team that helps so many people. That much coffee is needed because we have so many spitfires and firecrackers on our team. “

Why do you love RoC?
“Because we are changing the world! For the better. We’re on the forefront of pioneering the landscape of health. Ya know, like Lewis and Clark! Exploring the unknown, paving the way… are you getting all of this??“

Nicole: “Got it Joel!”

What’s your fave twitter account right now: oh gosh, dude, don’t write this verbatim, I’m thinking! @TrumpDraws

Who do you admire, and why: My mom, because she taught me I could do anything if I believed in myself and worked hard.

What would you bring to a cookout: I’ve been really into brisket lately, so I’m gonna bring a smoker and were gonna smoke some brisket. I would also bring a little scotch, super Ron Swanson-style.

What’s your fave book: The Law by Frederic Bastiat. It’s actually considered an essay, it’s only 70 pages, but it’s still a book.

What’s your fave Pandora station: Indie Electronic

Tell me a joke: Go look in the mirror!! HAHAHAHA!
Me: (-_-)

What would you like to say to all of your faithful admirers? “I will give you ALL $5, just to one up Kathy!!

Thanks for being a good sport T Joel Munson, you RoC!!

Erika Rae

Written by : Erika Rae

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