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Brain Awareness Week: CBD and Brain Health

Brain Awareness Week: CBD and Brain Health

March 14-20 is Brain Awareness Week, something the RoC team takes quite seriously. Not only does brain health impact just about every individual we come in contact with, it affects our team as well. We focus greatly as an organization on mental and overall health of our staff; we take short walks outside several times a day, we have fidget toys and exercise equipment, and we support each other in healthy eating habits. But sometimes, even all this support just isn’t enough. This is the case with our leader, Heather. While on sabbatical, she noticed a few things that seemed off. When she started adding them up, it turned into something worth investigating, which is what she is doing:

“I had my first doctor’s appointment for the neurological symptoms I have been having. The photo stream to the left is me waiting for the doctor. I scheduled the second appointment of the morning, how can you be an hour behind on your second appointment of the day? They moved me from room to room. At one point I asked if my doc would know where to find me. You can see my growing exasperation.” Read Heather’s full story and watch her video on her blog, Heather.chat.

We encourage everyone, either individual or caretaker, to take their mental and overall health seriously. It’s the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones.

Click here to read more about how cannabinoid therapy can benefit brain health in the RoC Research Library.

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