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Healing the Heart and Soul: Letter from a Client

Healing the Heart and Soul: Letter from a Client
Every once in awhile we receive a story that makes us stop what we’re doing and cry. Ok, MORE than every once in awhile. I think sometimes we get so focused on the day-to-day tasks and forget to take in the overall picture of our community. I wanted to share this story for that exact reason. It's the story of two parents, in two separate countries, connecting over the loss of a child, and the peace knowing he will live on forever.

Dear Nicole and Realm of Caring,
I don’t even know where to start, I am so excited, and have to share this story with you.

I have been a member of RoC for over a year. Our 22-year-old daughter has suffered from seizures for 8 years now. Her condition is called dysautonomia. Similar to a migraine, she has seizures, instead of or in addition to, the pain of a migraine headache. Her blood pressure drops and so does she. Unconscious sometimes for over an hour! Learning about Charlotte’s Web hemp oil intrigued and excited me, hoping it could be a treatment for Celina’s dysautonomia symptoms. But living in Canada, as you know, we had to WAIT! There is no cure for dysautonomia. I actually took her to a special cardiologist in Toledo, Ohio for a diagnosis. Not much help in Canada. No anticonvulsant medications helped her either. Similar to the many stories YOU hear every day. An absolute nightmare, looking for answers! Finally, when you wrote to tell me CW was available in Canada I ordered some for Celina, and myself (insomnia and anxiety due to her illness). The Canadian Border didn’t take long to shut it down, as you know. It’s available again…but my daughter isn’t so sure about it. I told her she should take a higher dose, as it has not helped her yet, but she is reluctant. Anyways, that is the brief history of why I know about RoC.

Several months ago in your newsletter, you included a story about a home based Louisiana business, called SECONDLINE JEWELS that supports RoC through their charity proceeds. Roz and Collin get CW oil for their son Finn who has nocturnal seizures. You even highlighted his story in your newsletter. They make jewelry out of broken or recycled drum cymbals.
I was instantly intrigued…because…
Tragically our beloved 23-year-old son Carson died in a car accident on August 1st, 2015. He is a musician, artist, and gardener at heart. Yes, he plays drums, and more recently learned how to play piano…and made & recorded his first solo CD just months before the accident. I was so excited when I read about Secondline Jewels and so I emailed Roz and Collin to ask if they could receive a cymbal from me in Canada, to make jewelry gifts for my husband, me, and our other 3 kids and spouses. They agreed and will be making a donation to Realm of Caring!!! So TODAY the parcel from Louisiana arrived in our little town called Oliver, just north of the Washington State Border above Seattle. I have been so excited about these gifts, I chose a jewelry piece for everyone from their website, and they used Carson’s cymbal to create each piece. I just wrapped them all up for Christmas.

Also when I sent them Carson’s cymbals I sent them his CD and a few family photos. They sent a photo of the two of them, plus MY photos (on the wall in their workshop) and Carson’s cymbal, with the jewelry cut outs,…so that I could place a photo inside each Christmas gift.

It’s been a nightmare, this grieving journey. 16 months seem like days or weeks. Our 4 kids are super close. It’s been a struggle I could never have imagined, even being a nurse and hospice volunteer. Proceeded by our daughter’s illness and many hospitalizations and ambulance rides, the stress has been mountainous, but I found I am more able to cope taking CBD for anxiety. Still working on my insomnia, taking cannabis cookies for that. I had hoped high doses of CBD would help me sleep but I guess I still need a bit of THC.

Roz and I have developed a special bond. We have been emailing lots and sending each other family photos. We both thought it would be cool to share OUR STORY with you. See how Realm of Caring brought us together??!! I think God sent you to both of us, for Finn and for Celina. And now we are joined even more by Secondline Jewels.

With thanksgiving and appreciation,
From Joanne
Merry Christmas
Erika Rae

Written by : Erika Rae

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