We work with hospitals, doctors, and researchers to stay at the forefront of cannabis science, constantly striving to find new and better treatments and applications for cannabinoid therapies. Learn more about our research initiatives here.


We offer orientation classes for the general public and for healthcare practitioners. You may also contact our dedicated Care Team, who answers hundreds of calls and emails every week. Register as a member and view our helpful online resources.

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RoC Approved Products

Charlotte's Web™
Mary's Medicinals
Stanley Brothers
Mary's Nutritionals
Tikun Olam
Relive Everyday

Text level semantics

Element Description
<a> Turn text into hypertext using the a element.
<em> Emphasize text using the em element.
<strong> Imply any extra importance using the strong element.
<code> Define inline code snippets using the code element.
<del> Mark document changes as deleted text using the del element.
<ins> Mark document changes as inserted text using the ins element.
<mark> Highlight text with no semantic meaning using the mark element.
<q> Define inline quotations using q element inside a q element.
<abbr> Define an abbreviation using the abbr element with a title.
<dfn> Define a definition term using the dfn element with a title.
<small> De-emphasize text for small print using the small element.

You can find more html tags and classes that you can use from here